vrijdag 13 januari 2017

Making of my silicone mermaid tail

 As I have may fabric tails, I always want to have a silicone tail, but ordering from out of Belgium is to costly for me (as specially post and taxes). Then I noticed PearlyMae's tail-making technique and asked her if I could use it to make my own tail ans she said yes. 😊
* So in autumn 2015 I started collecting everything I need to make my tail.
- mica-powders at a craft-fair
- dragonskin silicone in a shop in the Netherlands
- fabric in my local shop
- ordered a new (translucent) Triton-monofin online (as it's an European brand, no taxes and cheap shipping for me)
* After the New Year celebrations (2016)
- I started to make my molds out of thermo-plastics:
- started testing my pigments:
- after that I started to cast my scales:
- when I had lost of them, my boyfriend helped to make my body-double:
- that I covered in white lycra (as my white iridescent scales are see-through):
- and started pinning my scales in place, the front first:
- and gluing them with some clear silicone:

- the back and sides:

 - and the top (skin-colored scales):

* After my boyfriends birthday-party (end of February) I started making my fluke:
- my pattern under a layer of saran-wrap and clear tape (the same as my body-double):

- a layer of iridescent organza and 3 layers of colored dragonskin:

- made 2 of them:
- and sandwiched my yellow monofin in between them, gluing only the sides:
- after that I attached the tail-body to the fluke:
- when that was done, I sealed the outside of my tail with a slime-coat (clear silicone with a lot of fine iridescent glitter):
- then I sealed the inside of my tail with clear silicone (without my monofin):
- then I decided that my clear monofin was better for this tail and sealed it in the fluke, leaving holes for drainage:
- made some ribs for the side of my fluke:

- attached them and trimmed the excess
* And this is how I store my tail (and also let it dry in the bathroom after swimming):
 * Me enjoying my tail at Elfia (spring 2016) in the Netherlands:

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