zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Elf Huntress

This is my first card that I made as a member of the design team from 'Flowers, Feathers and Fairies' with her new digi-stamp: 'Elf Huntress'. you can buy her here:
Her facebookgroup:

- I made this card using:
* the digi-stamp 'Elf Huntress'
* white cardstock
* 3 shades of brown cardstock

* dark green cardstock
* aqua color pencils

* aqua brush
* rust ink
* beige ink
* gold glitter gelpen
* selfmade gold glimmermist
* glue-dots (mini and normal)
* 1mm 3D-dots
* double sided foam-tape
* embossing-plate
* heart-shaped die

* deer die
* cookie dies
* yellow paper roses

* orange paper roses
* light brown paper rose
* beige skeleton leaves
- how I made it:
* first printed 'Elf Huntress' out on white cardstock and colored her with my aqua pencils
* then I cut her out with a cookie shaped die and went around the edges with a rust-colored ink
* cut out a second layer with a larger cookie shaped die, embossed it with a wood-grain embossing-folder and went over the embossing wit a beige ink

* die-cut the deer and little heart and edged the heart with rust ink as well.
* glued the huntress onto the wood background and attached that to the green card-base with the foam-tape
* glued the deer with mini-glue-dots onto the heart and the heart with 3D-dots to the card
* used the same mini glue-dots to glue the leaves to the card-base and big ones for the roses (curled the stems with a toothpick)
* add accents with the gold glitter gelpen
* when that was done, I lightly sprayed the shimmermist all over the card

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